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Welcome Message from Chinese Medical Association

Dear foreign friends, compatriots from Hong Kong and Macao, and every participant, 
As the vice president and secretary general of Chinese Medical Association, I' d like to extend a warm welcome to the famous experts in all professional fields and the representatives of medical associations from the countries, such as Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, America, England and Japan, Hong Kong and Macao regions, and Mainland China, for participating in the 2nd Pak-China Medical Congress and the Belt and Road Forum of Medical Associations, on behalf of Chinese Medical Association.
Founded in 1915, Chinese Medical Association is one of the largest nonprofit academic organizations in China. Now, CMA owns 677 thousand of members, 88 specialty societies and nearly 500 sub-specialty groups, and has joined 41 international and regional medical organizations. CMA publishes 184 kinds of paper and electronic medical journals, and hosts or undertakes nearly 300 sessions of international and domestic medical academic conferences every year. Looking back the past one hundred years, CMA has made continued efforts to promote medical scientific exchanges between China and foreign countries, and to facilitate the development of medical science and technology. Our international colleagues also contributed their great support to CMA.
To carry forward the Belt and Road regional academic exchanges in medical science and promote the personal exchanges and people-to-people bond, the 25th Council of CMA will set up the Belt and Road medical corridor service platform, and bring it into the five-year planning and development goal. In recent year, CMA successively established regular cooperation and exchange mechanisms with the medical associations from various countries, such as Pakistan, the United States, Russia, Kazakhstan, Thailand and Sri Lanka, and with Hong Kong Medical Association. The activities like PAK-CHINA Medical Conference, SRI LANKA-CHINA Academic Seminar, and JAPAN-CHINA Medical Exchange Forum played an active role in promoting the bilateral academic exchanges. 
To deepen the implementation of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor construction, under the proposal by the PMA, CMA and PMA jointly held the 1st PAK-CHINA Medical Conference on January 8, 2016, and signed MOU. Since then, CMA and PMA officially became brotherhood associations. Both CMA and PMA are taking coherent efforts to build a PAK-CHINA Medical Corridor in order to seek bilateral exchanges and cooperation in aspects of continuing medical education, patients caring, academic exchanges, medical information and experience sharing, and so on so forth. President Mr. Mamoon Hussain attended the conference and held a banquet for the CMA experts delegation. President Hussain expressed his hope that the opening of Pak-China Medical Conference would bring the Pak-China medical exchange and cooperation up to a new high level and make it take a substantial leap. As a brother association, CMA will work with PMA hands in hands to commit ourselves in the construction of Pak-China Medical Corridor.
Within over one year period, under coherent efforts by both associations, the academic exchanges and cooperation has been continuously pushed forward in both countries. We have cooperated in the 1st Pak-China Hepatology Forum, SAARC Orthopedic Conference, Caucus Meeting of International, Hong Kong and Macao Medical Associations, Pak-China Ophthalmological Forum, and the Belt and Road International Diabetes Forum, etc. There are flowers blooming like a piece of brocade along our PAK-CHINA Medical Corridor now, which present a unique scenery along with PAK-CHINA Economic Corridor. 
At the 2nd PAK-CHINA Medical Conference, Pakistani and Chinese famous experts from over 10 specialties like neurosurgery and ophthalmology will gather together, to exchange the current research status and the diagnostic and therapeutic progress in the field. The Belt and Road Forum of Medical Associations will also focus on the academic development and the external exchanges and cooperation. The leaders of medical associations from various countries, and Hong Kong and Macao regions will share valuable experience in developing associations and conducting bilateral exchanges and cooperation. 
Last but not least, I wish this conference a great success.

Rao Ke-Qin 
Vice President 
Secretary General 
Chinese Medical Association


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